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Welcome to Progressive Strides Speech Therapy. We are a private practice offering speech and language therapy in-home and onsite at several locations in Maryland and Delaware. We offer hippotherapy and equine assisted therapy as part of our clients' plan of care.


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We are not currently accepting new clients. To be added to the waiting list, please email


What sets us apart?


By contracting with local barns, we are able to bring our clients into a unique, language-rich environment. We strive to make therapy a fun, positive experience for everyone involved.


What's new?


We are now offering in-office appointments in our satellite office at Newark Montessori Preschool. Check out our locations page for more information.


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My son has been working with Jackie at Progressive Strides Speech Therapy since last spring, and you would never believe this was the same kid. He was essentially non-verbal when we started therapy, and now he is a constant chatterbox! Not only has she helped him tremendously with his language and communication, but his confidence has also blossomed! She is amazing at what she does, but she's also wonderful with kids in general. He is very shy, but he warmed up to her almost immediately and she is now one of his favorite people. She has made such an incredible impact on our lives, we're so grateful for her! He started with sessions in a classroom and has just recently started sessions with the horses. Due to his comfort level with Jackie, he has transitioned beautifully and LOVES the horses, whereas before he was very frightened of large animals. I can't recommend Progressive Strides enough! This has truly been a life-changing experience.


-Jill M., parent


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